I’m baaack….

So you could say I’ve been less than diligent about posting. The summer is always crazy for me with the kids out of school. Work has been nuts. Even so, six months since my last entry…I really have no excuse.

But, I’ve decided to turn over a new leaf and am going to try to not only fill you in on what I’ve been up to since June, but start posting weekly going forward. I have been making some progress around here.

This chair, for example, no longer looks like this.


The structural work is done on the soon-to-be bookcase wall.


The bookcases for the bottom are built and ready to be installed.


Someday soon, it may actually look like this.


But we’re not quite there yet. Once the contractor put in the beam on the living room side of the wall, we realized we had a problem…



The beam on the other side was considerably lower than the new one. It looked a little bizarre when you were looking at it from the kitchen. To fix the problem we’ll have to put in a new beam, which will be raised up a few inches. This will make the two beams uniform in height so visually it looks like one beam that runs straight across.

This weekend Paul and I started stripping the drywall off the beam to get it ready for the contractor, which revealed problem number 2.

Here’s the beam once we stripped it.


Look a little closer. Why yes, that is a giant pipe running through this major structural beam.


If you’re not familiar with the ins and outs of structural engineering: major hole  in load-bearing beam =  bad. Half the house falling down kind of bad. Thumbs down to the former owner’s contractor/plumber.

Head in Hands

But luckily we were planning to fix the beam anyway, which will solve this unfortunate problem and keep the house from flattening us in our sleep.

So the plan now is to get that pipe out of the way this week. The contractor is supposed to come next week to install the new beam. The bookcases will go in after that.

Provided all goes as planned my house may no longer look something  a dog chewed up and spit out by the time Christmas rolls around. Hallelujah. I think I can hear angels singing already.





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