Tearing Down the House

So, you know how it is when you get a chip in your nail polish. You pick a little at the corner, chip a little off the side and the next thing you know there are flecks of polish all of the floor and your nails look like you just clawed your way out of a grave.

I did that recently. To a wall.



This is the load-bearing wall between my living room and kitchen–or what’s left of it.

It used to look like this.


This picture was taken right after Paul pulled the trim off the pocket door to start investigating what was inside. The goal was to pull a little back so we could see what we were dealing with structurally…but once the process got started…you know the rest.

This is what it looked like from the kitchen side before.


And now.



This little project really did open things up and let in the light…but not in the most attractive way.  So, this project is going to have to jump the list. In the meantime we are living with a giant mess.

Because the wall is load bearing, the structural part of the process will need professional help from a contractor.

Once that part is done we’ll have to tackle the finish work. We do have a plan, which my fantastic father was kind enough to draw up for me.


I like this look because the room will still feel completely open, but there is some separation between the kitchen and the living room. Hopefully it will look like a modified version of this or this when it’s done.

Whether we can accomplish that goal…well stay tuned to find out. Either way it should provide for some good entertainment. After all, you don’t have to live here.



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