Framing the Plank Wall

Hi all! Sorry for the radio silence. Work has been crazy busy. But I have still been chipping away at some projects around the house, so I have few updates to share this week.

First up is this little project to finish up my bench seating area, which is located just inside the front door of the house. I already showed you how I added a plank wall behind the bench that my Dad built for me.



I liked how it came out, but it still looked a little unfinished and to be honest, I wasn’t in love with the rough edges, even after I caulked them.

So I decided to trim out the edges with some pieces of wood. So now it looks like this. (Forgive the less than stellar photos, it’s a little hard to take pictures in this crunchy, little corner.)


Better, right?

It’s a simple project…and it was free, thanks to our neighbors across the street who are moving. In an effort to clear out, they offered us some leftover wood they had downstairs.

Being the shameless, junk collector that I am I jumped at the chance and hauled it all into my basement. (Yes, the same basement I’ve been working diligently to clean out.)

This new infusion of lumber may have thwarted my basement clearing efforts, but it gave me lots of material for future projects, like my soon to be built banquette in the dining room.

Despite my slight fear of large power saws, I decided to cut the wood myself for this little framing project. (In the interest of full disclosure, I needed my doting husband to mow the lawn before our children got lost forever in the tall junglesque grass.  The chances of getting him to help me work on two projects in the same day was slim to none—so it came down to me and the saw.)

I hauled a few pieces of scavenged wood out of the basement and got to work.
First I measured the perimeter of the wall. Then I cut the pieces a few inches longer than I needed them to be. Then I started making the 45-degree miter cuts. I always cut the boards a little too long on the first pass, because it’s easy to subtract…impossible to add, (and I always make mistakes).

Once I got all my 45-degree angles cut, I did a quick check to make sure everything fit properly and then I started painting.

I always paint before I nail the pieces to the wall because it saves a lot of work on the other end and comes out a lot neater.
Once the wood was painted, I grabbed the nail gun I borrowed from my Dad and tacked the pieces into place.


Always use a level to make sure the top piece is straight. Don’t go by the line of the ceiling, because if your ceiling is like ours—it’s probably crooked. The same goes for the sides and the bottom.

After I tacked on the trim, I came back with wood filler to fill in the gaps and nail holes.

Finally I caulked the edges to give it a finished look.
Overall this project took very little time, but I think it made a big difference.

Here’s another look at the final product.


Now that this project is done I’m turning my attention to a much bigger project. Stay tuned…I may be a little over my head on this one.

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