House Tour

Recently my neighbor John and his brother Louie, who own, Apex Carpentry, finished building this gorgeous 8,000 square foot oceanfront home and were kind enough to let us take a little tour of this coastal beauty.


Before construction began the crew had to demolish the existing home on the property, which I never saw, but am told was a pristine shrine to the 1970’s—a vision in harvest gold.

It looked like a classic older home on the outside.


But inside it included some unique design features, like this tie dye-esque wall treatment and what we might call ‘decade-specific’ tile.


Believe it or not, John says it was actually more cost-effective to rip down the old house and replace it than it would have been to renovate it.

Once the disco era was officially ushered out with bulldozers and dump trucks, the Apex crew started building the new home in its place. The homeowners’ goal was to capture the beautiful views of the Boston skyline and local lighthouses.

And they are some views to behold.


The new exterior of the home is described by the architect (Walter Jacob Architects) as a traditional shingle-style home with modern detailing. The inside of the home also has a traditional look, but with clean lines and some modern elements, like this amazing floating staircase.


The Apex team had to haul in more than a thousand of pounds of steel to anchor the stair treads into the wall and to construct the treads themselves.


No easy task, but if you ask me, the result was definitely worth it.

Apex carpenters excel at detail work, the finish carpentry. Look at this gorgeous ceiling. I would love a ceiling like this. I would also love a ceiling that is more than 7.5 feet tall, but that’s a story for a different day…


Here’s the kitchen.


The homeowner loves to cook, so she wanted countertops that were not only beautiful, but functional. She opted for Quartzite, which is a natural-stone product created from sandstone. Quartzite is actually said to be harder than Quartz and it’s also spill, stain and heat-resistant, a good combo for a kitchen where people actually want to cook (unlike my own).

And of course the tour wouldn’t be complete without showing you my ultimate dream tub, which unfortunately may be bigger than my current master bathroom. This looks like stone in the photo, but it’s actually acrylic, which I’m imagining the Apex crew members were grateful for as they muscled it up the stairs.


In the photo below you can see one of the home’s fireplaces, which was crafted out of walnut. The artwork on the back is actually a painting created by a Salem, Mass. artist named Suzanne Vincent. Designer Kristina Crestin introduced the homeowners to her work.  Can you believe this is a painting and not a photo? My husband Paul, a photographer, was even fooled when he saw it. Amazing.

fireplace backoffireplace

While most of the features in the house are new and improved, the Apex team didn’t scrap everything from the old home. This door is being stripped down to its original mahogany finish and will find new life in the entrance to the wine cellar.


Hopefully we can get a look at it when it’s done.

So, that concludes the tour for now, but you can check out some more of Apex’s beautiful work on their Facebook page. Apex is also in the process of updating its webpage,, but it should be up and running soon.


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