My project list

I sat down yesterday to make a list of the projects I want to accomplish this spring. It’s long, and perhaps a little too ambitious…but here goes.

Update the doors

The doors in our house are old with a capital O. I already “handled” the knob situation. (Sorry for the pun, it’s Friday, I’m a little punchy.) But I also want to do a more extensive update using molding and paint. I love the look of black doors, but I’m tending toward something a little lighter. Maybe this color on the doors and windows below, called Urbane Bronze from Sherwin Williams.

My daughter’s room

My 7-year-old daughter’s room was in need of some organization. But now I’m focusing on updating her hand-me-down desk.


And upholstering this chair, which as you can see, has potential, but a looong way to go to realize it.


I also want to update her artwork. She was in a doctor phase for a while, so we’ve got all things medical on her walls right now.

I was a little hesitant to hang this art, because, well, it’s creepy. But she loved it. I tried to find pictures that were somewhat girly…at least the brain is pink. And the microscopic germ next to brain guy kind of reminded me of a balloon…

brainguy eyechart

Now she’s into puppies. I can’t say I’ll be too sad to see these guys go.


She’s still debating whether her new room should be a doctor/puppy room or just a puppy room. Guess what I’m voting for…

My son’s room

My 9-year-old son’s room has been on the list for a while. He wants a new color palette, and some new art. He also needs a new comforter, headboard and a furniture update. Okay, so apparently his room needs a complete overhaul.

I’m looking to make an upholstered headboard and give his current desk and dresser a makeover. Here they are now. As you can see they need a lot of refreshing.

desk dresser

I’ll also need to paint and add some artwork.

The Living Room

Number one on the list for this room is a fireplace makeover. Here’s the current fireplace.


I also need to address the aging ceiling and this  ugly mirror that I have painted too many times to count.

ceiling mirror

I also need to paint the room and add some new pillows–and hopefully get the couch finished.

So that’s the list for now. We’ve also got a kitchen makeover planned, but that’s a little ways down the road. Have a great weekend and stay tuned for updates…


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