Reining in the Chaos

I work as a freelance writer, so my work schedule varies. Some days it’s slow. Other days I have five deadlines. You can usually tell which by the state of my house.

But, in honor of the new year, I have made it my mission to get the house organized and keep it that way. My goal is to establish a place for everything so my family can assist in keeping things tidy.

Tidiness is apparently not their natural state of being.  I recently moved the trash can in the kids’ bathroom so I could wash it out. Everyone continued to throw trash on the floor where it used to be. That should paint a pretty clear picture of what I’m up against.

I recently tackled my daughter’s shoe situation, by adding under-bed storage. And the other day the organization train made its second stop- Sportsville.

We’ve got sports gear coming out our ears. Lacrosse sticks, baseball mitts, rollerblades, helmets. You name it, we had it all… piled on my basement floor.

When we did our recent family room makeover we took out the old bulky TV, so we no longer needed the armoire that housed it. I decided this cabinet would make the perfect spot to keep all the gear.

To start, I gave the armoire a quick coat of black paint and swapped the wooden knobs for antique brass. (I love the combination of black with the aged brass.)


Then I started working on the inside. I got some inexpensive Command hooks and stuck them along the inside to create a place to hang all of those baseball mitts.


I added a cloth baskets for balls, and other things like elbow pads, lacrosse gloves and jump ropes.


Rollerblades got a spot on the shelf along with my son’s bulky lacrosse bag and lacrosse sticks. Helmets got hooks on the inside of the door.


Assorted items of clothing, such as soccer shirts, and pinnies go in the bottom drawer.


Finished, it looks like this.


Yesterday my new system had its first test. The kids were finally able to get outside to rollerblade and, in what I consider a small victory, the rollerblades actually made it back into the cabinet at the end of the day. One helmet made it back onto the hook. The other was dumped on the floor. But the good news is that it was the floor right in front of the cabinet… Baby steps.


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