A $9.68 Table Update

I took some time this weekend to finally address the 1980’s orangey, pine, hand-me-down table that has been residing in my living room. It’s actually a great size for the room and it functions fine, but the look…


I think I’m being kind when I describe it as “uninspired.”

I was looking to do something a little different with the top of the table, when I came across this vintage surfboard.

Gorgeous, right? So I decided to see if I could replicate the look with my ever-growing wood stain collection in the basement.


First, I had to sand the top down.


Then I started measuring and taping off the stripes.


Some of the stripes had multiple layers of stain, so I started with a base layer of Minwax Natural. From there I created some wide stripes in Early American and finished up with some smaller stripes in an Ebony stain.


After the stain was on, I decided it was a little too high contrast. Yikes.


So I went over the top with another stain, a light gray called Rustoleum Sunbleached, to take the color down a few notches.

I finished it off with a semi-gloss polyurethane. I normally go for satin finish on furniture, but I thought this top should have a little more gloss like the surfboard that inspired it.


Once I finished the top, I focused my attention on the bottom of the table, covering the old stain with a fresh coat of white paint.


Then I replaced the wooden knobs with some $4-ish Martha Stewart cup pulls from Home Depot. And now for  a whopping $9.68, we have a brand new table for our living room.


Here’s the before and after.


So how about you guys, have you been working on any projects lately?


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