Couch progress…

The couch upholstery project is progressing. The back and sides are done and I just need to finish the cushions.


The “fabric” is actually a drop cloth I picked up at Home Depot. I was a little hesitant to use a drop cloth, but when it came down to it, the price was right and so was the color after I bleached it for a few hours following Miss Mustard Seed’s directions.

I started by taking a good look at how the couch was initially put together. Then I removed the old fabric and got to work.

I’ll just say this up front, I had no idea what I was doing and experienced a moment of intense stomach-churning panic once I saw the naked couch.


But once I started attaching the fabric it was actually a pretty easy process. I used an electric staple gun secure the fabric to the back of the couch, stapling it behind the top edge. Then I worked on the arms and sides. The hardest parts were the “elephant ears,” as I like to call them…


and the little swirl detail on the arms.


Being new to upholstering I was  kind of surprised to find that these “swirls” were just pieces of cardboard cut to shape, covered with fabric and nailed onto the couch. I thought it would be something a little more substantial, like wood. But the fact that it was cardboard made it easy to work with. I just took off the old fabric and glued on the new fabric with a hot glue gun.


Then I removed the old fabric from the piping and stitched on the new fabric by hand and glued it behind the cardboard. Then I used the glue gun to secure the swirls back onto the couch.


It seemed daunting, but actually turned out to be pretty easy. I also used the glue gun to secure little loose spots where the staple gun couldn’t reach.

So now, the only thing standing between me and a finished couch is those cushions. I’m not exactly a seamstress so I’m debating bringing them to a local tailor to get them done. I might swing by today and get an estimate on price before I make my decision.

I’m also debating adding a nail-head trim detail. I ordered this trim online from Walmart and had it shipped to the store.


The “tacks” come in one long strip, which  I’ve heard makes it easier to tack on in a straight line. We’ll see. If I don’t use it on the couch, I’ll probably use it on the upholstered headboard I have planned for my son’s room.

I’ll keep you posted…


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