Beautiful artwork, great cause

Check out this beautiful painting.


It was painted by my friend Kate’s high school friend, Kendra Kurth Clinton. Kendra was a talented artist who died in 2012 leaving behind her husband and newborn son, Ewan. (You can read more about Kendra’s story here.)

After she died, Kate not only wanted to help keep Kendra’s memory alive but she also wanted to do something for Ewan. So she and another friend recently created the Ewan Clinton Trust. The trust has collected some of Kendra’s best artwork and is now selling high-quality prints to raise money for Ewan.

The money raised by the trust will be used to:

  • Establish a 529 College Fund for Ewan
  • Help pay for his childcare
  • Provide him with a secure trust when he turns 25

So, you can not only buy some beautiful prints, but get a dose of that warm and fuzzy feeling that comes with helping out a good cause–this little guy.


Look at that face!  I saw him at a party recently and he’s just as cute in person.

Four prints are available for sale right now, you can check them out here. And new ones will be coming in the future, so be sure to keep checking the website for updates. Kate has one original painting over her fireplace that I’m hoping finds its way into the next round.

Prints start at $25, which is a huge bargain, especially when you consider you’re not only investing in something beautiful for your home, but in someone’s future.


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