Reupholstery Project on the Horizon

Here it is. Our living room couch. I’ll pause for a moment so you can Oooh and Aaah…


Yup, that fabric. Not really in style these days, is it?

It’s been living under a Pottery Barn slipcover– until this happened.


Dog claws and dive-bombing kids. Ugh. But on the bright side, I actually bought the slipcover for a different couch and it never really fit right anyway. So, I’m not too sad to move on.

This couch is actually great quality and, if you can get past the fabric, has beautiful lines. It was a hand-me -down from my husband’s wonderful aunt. (She’s a designer, and I hope to take you on tour of her home sometime soon-it’s absolutely gorgeous.) From time-to-time she’s kind enough to pass along some items she no longer uses or has space for, like this couch. Before moving into our home, it was tucked in under a beautiful, linen slipcover in an apartment she owns and rented out furnished.

When the last tenant left, she offered the couch to us. Unfortunately that last tenant had a cat, and let’s just say the slipcover lost the face-off.

So, now it’s time to give this camel back a little primping. I’m hoping to reupholster it myself. I’m looking to give this very traditional piece a modern update. Stay tuned…


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