Sprucing Up Our Entryway With a Plank Wall

A few years ago my fantastic father built this bench in our tiny front foyer.


It’s a small little recessed area next to the front door. Before we had the bench, you walked in our front door and saw… a heap of shoes.

“Welcome to our home, don’t trip.”

Not ideal.

So in addition to providing a place to sit, I asked my Dad to create storage space inside. I lined the inside of the bench with a plastic tablecloth to protect the floor underneath, slid in some  baskets and now the kids can toss their shoes inside when they come in the door.


We had a cushion made for the top of the bench to make it comfortable and brighten it up. I love the bench, but I wanted to make it look a little more integrated.  So recently, I decided to add a plank wall behind it and paint it the same color as the bench, in hopes of making it look more like a cohesive unit.

I found a great tutorial on the House of Smiths blog. As they suggested, Paul and I went to Home Depot and got one sheet of 4×8, 1/8 inch plywood and had it cut into 6″ strips.


When we got it home I painted the wall white along with the planks.


Then we measured the wall space and cut the first plank using a miter saw and tacked it up. It’s important to get the first board level. Most ceilings are crooked, especially in a 1950’s-era house like ours. So use a level to make sure it’s straight–not the ceiling–or the planks will end up looking wonky as you move down.


We continued working until we reached the bottom, using two nickels to ensure even spacing between the planks.

Once it was done I came back and did a final coat of paint and filled in the perimeter with a bead of caulk to clean up all the ragged edges and little gaps.

And it’s done! I still have a large mirror I’m going to hang in the space, so stay tuned for some additional photos.



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