Reusing Old Crib Parts

Recently, I’ve been trying to clear out our basement so we can turn it into a more functional space. I’ve been sorting through the heaps of stuff down there trying to figure out what I can reuse, donate or toss. The other day I came across the kids’ old crib, which has been sitting in the basement now for four years.

It was a great sleigh-style crib in antique white. Both of them slept in it when they were babies. One of my favorite parts was the convenient little drawer underneath that slid out to store blankets, sheets or other items.

I decided it was the perfect size to reuse as under-bed storage in my daughter’s current room. So, I went off to Home Depot and picked up four inexpensive casters so it could slide easily in and out from under her bed.


The drawer is the perfect size for storing her shoes. Right now I have them in a hanging shoe organizer in her closet and she can’t reach it on her own.

The first thing I did was take off the metal track on the side of the drawer.


Then I decided where I wanted the casters. I pre-drilled holes and screwed them on.

It was a quick, inexpensive five-minute project that not only added great storage, but helped me whittle down that giant heap of stuff in the basement.



2 thoughts on “Reusing Old Crib Parts

  1. lily says:

    Hi.. I love your projects and your site. Your creativity is wonderful, and I love your wryness at times in your verbiage. I would suggest a better method of navigating around the site. A nav bar with categories or something..

    thx much and continue the great projects! I thank you very much for the detail in your couch redo, and the pine coffee table and the spiral table are great!


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