Octy Gets A New Frame

After hanging in our family room for a few weeks in his unfinished state, I decided it was time to add the finishing touches to Octy the Octopus.

Paul owed me a favor, so he helped me cut the wood to make the frame.


Once we assembled the frame, I stained it a dark walnut to match Octy himself.


But…I didn’t love it. So, I decided to modify it a little by adding a white-stripe detail.

I measured 1/2 and inch from the edge on each side of the frame and applied painters tape to create the stripe. Before I started painting, I applied a thin coat of polyurethane to the inside edges of the tape to keep paint from seeping under. (Please excuse the dog hair that somehow makes its way into every project. Gotta love Black Labs.)


I slicked on two coats of my favorite white paint, Benjamin Moore, Linen White, 50%.


I waited until the paint was almost dry and took off the tape.


And he’s finished!


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