Perking up Old Pillows

So, I’ve had a huge stack of old pillows cluttering up my closet. I accumulated this motley assortment of mismatched, ripped and outdated pillows over the years. When I got sick of them, I just stowed them away and bought new ones.


Recently, I was looking for some new pillows to brighten up our new family room and decided instead of running out and spending money on a new batch, I would put the old ones to use. I went online and ordered a couple of yards of inexpensive fabric from (I love this site, by the way, because it allows you to create a design board so you can see how all your chosen patterns work together.)

Here’s the fabric I picked to give a dash of color to our neutral space.


I don’t have a sewing machine, so I enlisted the help of my friend Johanna to help me stitch on the new covers. Before she came over with her portable sewing machine, I cut and pinned the fabric to match the size of the pillows.


Then, Johanna used the sewing machine to zip around three edges of the fabric with a simple stitch. Then we slipped the old pillow into the cover and she did a final stitch to close the open edge.

I spent $23 on the fabric and was able to make six pillows. That’s about how much I would have spent on one new pillow in a store.  I conserved fabric by using a standard, off-white pillowcase I had in my linen closet for the back side of four of the pillows.


It’s a simple, inexpensive update that looks great and can free up some much-needed closet space.



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