Our Coastal Colonial

My husband, Paul, and I bought our current house in 2007 after spending four years in a condo that we settled into a year after our wedding. We loved our little condo—a two-bedroom, one bathroom unit in a converted Georgian-style mansion. But our quaint little abode seemed a lot less charming once we added a son, a daughter, and a 100-pound black Labrador Retriever to our family.

Our neighbors started to ask when we would be moving.

With a toddler and infant in tow, we started our house hunt. We finally came across our current home, a majorly dated, four-bedroom, 2.5 bath colonial. It had shorter than average ceilings and a salmon pink kitchen, with a harvest gold double oven.

While the yard was tiny, it was right down the street from the town fields and if you cut through those fields, and walked up a short path—you were at the beach.


More than six years later we’ve made a number of improvements, but we still have a long way to go, which is fine with me. I love all things DIY. Paul…not so much. He’s a professional photojournalist, so he definitely knows his way around a camera. He’s also very handy, but needs a little—shall we say, nudge—before he’s willing to help out with a project.

Stick with us as we document our progress.


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